Seeking new family:

One five year old, blond, blue eyed, girl is seeking a new family to take on the responsibility of love, care and education for the next 20 years. Loves: Hello Kitty, the color pink, enjoys riding a bicycle, ice cream cones and going to the beach. Would prefer a family with a dog but a cat will do. Must have a big yard or a playground nearby. Willing to share a room but it must be decorated in a princess theme. The child is full of energy and has lots of character and says clever things like:

"If you don't buy me this then I'll go find a new family."

If interested interviews will be held soon............It's amazing what a determined little girl will say when faced with not getting what she wants.


Judith said…
We love the beach too. Ice cream truck visits neighborhood. Home with balcony and big grassy patches around neighborhood. Close to parks. Must be willing to share blue room with beagle and brush dog daily. Pink as an accent color is negotiable. Put us down for 2pm on Saturday :-). She has quite an imagination!
Helen said…
Good god, are you selling your child or mine? Cassie has done the same thing lately, and more than once. Don't worry. First time she falls down and scrapes her knee, the kid will come screaming for Mommy!

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