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What a trippy week so far. I was very charged about this 5-year-old party and it was coming together well until I got hit with this wicked allergy triggered cold. My throat was so sore and dry that it made me want to cough. I was feeling lousy by Wednesday morning and dragged myself to work only to be sent home by the big boss.

And it was a well needed break. I had extra time to plan the party but also to rest. I was able to get to bed early, at the time the kids go, and it was a great treat. As for the cold I had to fight it with nuclear warfare. Or at least that's what Keith says because I am a little crazy. I have been stuffed up, itchy eyes and a sore throat for 2 days. I decided that the throat thing was a big problem causing me to sound funny and made eating and drinking painful. I needed to do something to burn this sore throat away. Even though I had very little appetite for supper I ate all the spicy hot food I could take. I ate a whole jalapeno with my enchilada. I made sure to drink plenty of water too, that's always a given when one is fighting a cold.

So then what happened? Heart burn? Upset stomach? Barfing?


I got up today with a stuffy head and itchy eyes but no more sore throat. Wahoo! It worked. That's my nifty remedy. Eat hot super spicy food and burn that sore throat away. Hey at least I feel better.

After doing some google searching I discovered that I'm not so crazy to eat the peppers to rid myself of the sore throat. There has been plenty of people also interested in this type of homeopathy.


Anonymous said…
We always do lots of spicy food to clear out the sinuses. It is good and good for you!
Yvonne said…
Perhaps it was your spicy influence that made me take on the peppers!

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