We went to the house pre-settlement overview yesterday. There we were told about the features and how to work things like light switches and doors. I needed the most help with the actual flushing of toilets, because being all urban it's just so foreign to me. Hey, did you know there's such a thing as indoor plumbing? I can't wait for that! They tell us a garage door will be hung on Friday so we won't be able to have a perpetual garage sale while we move in next week. Now I'll have to find places to get rid of the junk we do not need. All joking aside there were some things we did need to know such as the proper maintenance of appliances that use gas for fuel. We've lived in all electric based homes for 10+ years so this is going to be a bit different. I know I'll have to adjust my cooking habits.

I got the measurements for the laundry room and hope the washer and dryer set I want will fit in there. Hmm. Yeah I'm gonna have to order that soon. And I should have measured some windows because boy howdy there they are lots of them and well I'm not sure if we want our neighbors (and the construction workers) to know us that well just yet.


Helen said…
Very exciting, Yvonne! I'll bet you can't wait to own your own house. We have a bazillion windows in ours, and the first thing I did when we moved in was order blinds. But until they arrived, I spent a few days changing in my bedroom closet because that was the only room in the house that didn't have a window!

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