Eat it like an animal

I was busy making a lunch, brewing coffee, pouring juice and getting cereal lined up for the girls this morning. Leah was being particular and I was trying to do a lot at once. She stood next to me and picked out some things for her lunch and snack and I wrote her name on the sacks. Then I began to slice the berries and tossed them in Leah's cereal bowl poured the milk. This small kitchen makes it very difficult for me to move around and not feel like I'm going to step on a little one. Since she was still hovering I asked Leah to grab some spoons and bring them to the dining room. As I placed the bowls on the table in the appropriate spots, yes, they do have assigned seating here all on their own choosing, I stepped back into the kitchen and heard Olivia say "What?! No spoon? Awww! Do I have to eat this like an animal again?"

I discovered that this comment has a history.

It goes like this, the girls were purposefully eating their supper messily, to the point of food getting on the floor etc. Keith was displeased. He tried several things to get them straight but nothing worked. As a result he got crafty and thought that if they wanted to act like crazy animals while they ate then he would make it more so. He removed their forks and spoons took their plates and placed them on the ground outside. Then he pointed to the plates sitting on the patio and told them if they wanted to act like animals then they can eat like an animal, outside on the ground in the heat with the bugs. After a few moments of crying and carrying on they realized that Daddy is crazy and very willing to do wacky things to make a point.

Whether they understand and remember this is another story. At least they will act a little more civilized at the supper table.


knitting chick said…
That's awesome! I need to try that once.
Helen said…
That is good. I got fed up with my 1-year-old flinging mashed potatoes on the carpet instead of eating them, and I finally told her that old line from Judy Blume - "Eat it or wear it!" Guess who ended up with mashed potatoes in her hair? Not me!
Carolyn said…
They couldn't complain that they had nothing to eat.

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