Great Yarn

I just bought some yarn from Cherry Tree Hill and it is fab.

I like the site KnitPixie. Great site all around and they are very excellent. I really dig the knitting bags they have, one I have been looking for since I saw a vintage bag years ago. Their notions are great too a little vintage with some funk is their focus. Perfect for me. I ordered some yarn and within 2 days it was here! Wonderful bamboo yarn ready to be hand dyed. Will certainly order from them again.

This maker of yarn has become my favortie quick scarf yarn. Trendsetter has plenty of pretty yarn to jazz up any project. I like to use this to make things for my girls, there's lots of glittery glam in their yarns.

Fab shawl yarn. Or sock yarn, or really anything. I can't get enough of Alpaca with a Twist yarn. So soft and lovely to work with as is runs through your fingers, you can't resist the texture. This is highly addictive yarn and you'll always want more.

The one company I favor is Artyarns. I am in love with all they do and if I had an endless supply of money for yarn this is where I'd spend most of my green. I have been working with the ultramerino in a lace scarf. This is great yarn and the color is wonderful. I also have some silk rhapsody I used to make myself a scarf. One day I would love to make a pretty shawl with that yarn. However these are very expensive products and may prevent me from making much more than a scarf.


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