House sold + New house bought = Massive move

Sold a house bought a house and now we move. We have to be out of this place and into the new home by June 30. Not a lot of time to spare.

We have been packing up the house for about two weeks. And what I mean by this is leisurely packing because we have time, right? Well that time is slipping away and we've got to get serious now because this house isn't going to pack itself and move. Moving is dreadful. I hate the feeling of being nomadic with boxes piled around and the lack of comfort surrounding me. Perhaps that has been the driving cause of my hesitation to pack up our belongings. I can't allow that to control my mind any longer since we still have tons of stuff that needs to be boxed so it's portable.

I am perfectly okay with hiring some people to do the moving for me. Have you seen the bed we need to move? I think it weighs more than me. The dining room table too huge, as well as the matching cabinet. Okay. Not going to think about super huge heavy furniture...that'll only make me crazy. When will they invent the Mary Poppins moving bag? Because right now that would be very handy.

So back to the packing and stuffing and cramming of things into boxes.


Anonymous said…
Do you guys need some help packing?
Librarian Girl said…
Congratulations on the new house! I don't envy the moving part. Good luck!
Yvonne said…
Thanks Librarian Girl!

Wealhtheow sure! Do ya have any little magic gnomes to spare?! Maybe some with big muscles for lifting?

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