Kiparoo and Harpers Ferry

Aunt Sarah came into town last night after spending a few days in NYC, she's looking fab as usual. We spent a great family day together. We began our family outing by going to the Kiparoo Farm studio for their annual yarn and ice cream day. It was a little confusing at first since the farm is nestled way off the main road and up a ways on the one lane dirt road. The signage was limited too, you really had to look hard to see them. Once we arrived it was beautiful. We saw some great animals and ate plenty of yummy ice cream. I had awesome yarn overload. Everything there was beautiful. I really wished to have a yarn budget with no boundaries after seeing all the pretties. I noticed this cute little hooded jacket made from the lacy loops yarn. The hood had bear ears on it adorned with pearl beads. The buttons were pearl beads and well, wow, such a cute fun jacket. Come on now, really, who wouldn't want to have a bear hoody? Because I was smitten with that jacket I looked hard for that pattern. Annie Kelley has her studio set up in such a way that she places the pattern for the garment next to the yarn and garment so that you can make what you see. However with this little bear hoody that was not the case. She explained that this jacket was made by her friend and there really isn't a pattern for this item. So we talked and she ended up finding me a compatible pattern that I can adjust to factor in the ears onto the hood. So yay! I got the pattern and I'll be able to make this jacket eventually.


The wow just isn't for the yarn, no sir, Annie is wow too. A charming lovely person in way that you feel she is a dear old friend, that really is great. I talked to her for about 30 minutes and felt like I've known her for years. She offered us some fresh milk in addition to the various other refreshments already available, hospitality I tell you. She asked me how I knew about the Kiparoo farm. I mentioned that a colleague, Amanda, handed me a flier last weekend and told me how wonderful the yarn and farm was and how it would be fun to visit. And we did and was I glad we came. I would have liked to enjoy knitting in the grass for the afternoon but another time. The thing that made visiting the farm wonderful was meeting Annie, it was well worth the trip. And did I mention the yarn? Hmm, yes I did, so much great yarn it was hard to leave.

By the time we were done at the farm it was lunch time. We passed the Point of Rocks train station very pretty and headed northwest to Harpers Ferry for some good wandering about. We stopped in Brunswick for lunch at Mommer's Diner. Small place for some reasonable food. The drive over to Harpers Ferry was quick and we found good parking. We spent the afternoon walking around. Although we did spend an hour playing in the river. That was a nice enjoyable break.

For supper we stopped in Leesburg at Del Rio the greatest Mexican food place in the area. We enjoyed our food on the patio and there was plenty of margaritas to drink. I recommend the house margarita. I think this place is the greatest for three reasons 1. great margaritas (no one out here can get them right 2. the staff is great, attentive in all the best ways and 3. this place is serious about getting the food (lots of it, BIG servings) cooked and on your table fast. Hey if Leah will lick her plate clean at a restaurant then they are doing alright. She never likes to eat out. Oh and if you have little ones they have a "high chair" order which is essentially little nibbly things for the children to eat (rice, beans, olives, tortillas). Brilliant.

After thinking about the day I realize that the great thing about living in the DC area is this ability to do all sorts of neat things within a day's drive or less.


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