moving done

It took four days to complete the move. That's four days' worth of crap we have that we had to move. That's a lot and really, how did all that crap fit in my little townhouse? I must be amazing at jamming lots of junk into little places. My friends would agree with that statement after seeing the freezer and the amount of food I had in there. Yes, yes I am the master at compaction. However, for all its glory, compaction has a downfall, ease of use. If you cram loads into your freezer that means there's twice as much to move to get that bag of frozen peas in the back bottom right corner.

Back on topic....on Wednesday after lunch Keith took the girls to the airport in Baltimore and was gone most of the day. I began hauling boxes mostly kitchen stuff to have ready for Thursday morning. I packed up stuff during the hottest part of the day before loading it into the van, and was beat by day's end. Keith returned in time for us to have a late dinner out at Rosemary's Thyme. Very nice. The girls made it to Colorado just fine and so it begins.

Keith worked all day Thursday and I had to get to the new house early to wait for the washer and dryer to be delivered. I spent all of Thursday morning sorting out the kitchen by the time I was nearly out of boxes the delivery arrived. The washer and dryer looks great I'll have to give them a try soon. The rest of the afternoon I hauled boxes. Heavy boxes. After work Keith took apart the beds and other large things. We managed to fill up the van with more crap before going to bed.

Friday with both of us home we dropped off the van load early in the morning and returned to the townhouse and began packing more boxes. We are certainly questioning our rationale behind some of those things we had in those dusty corners in the basement. Why did we need to keep the broken laundry basket filled with broken toys? Or the massive box of wood pieces that will never be made into anything useful? Or the 100s of craft magazines? Our moving truck was ready at 3pm. Yes, I know, 3pm, what the heck were we thinking? We got a diesel standard engine 24' moving truck with cloth seats and a/c at not extra charge! Really! Can you believe it that we got a truck with cloth seats and a/c? Now that is quality. This truck was a trip all right. The max speed was 45mph thankfully we didn't have to go far. I found it amusing to watch Keith try out life as a truck driver. Good times.

It took us 3 hours to fill it up and then 3 hours to unload. We worked until after midnight. Around 10:30pm we met our next door and soon to be down the street neighbors. A brother and sister with their fiance(e)s. They were very nice and friendly and we took a break for an hour enjoying a beer. They filled us in on the 'hood and the nutty guy behind us, and will there be some stories my friends, as well as the local hot spots. They are younger than us and without children at the moment. They all work so I'm not sure how much we'll see of them. At least they're nice and friendly. Once they went inside Keith and I competed the unloading. One of the last boxes I moved the bottom dropped out and our cookie jar broke. There it was the official broken thing. It was sad to see the cookie jar laying on the ground in pieces. Thankfully no cookies were hurt in the process.

Saturday we woke up in our home at a quarter to 6am. There are no window coverings and having an northeast facing bedroom makes for a bright morning. Showering without blinds will be interesting, going to need to take care of that soon. Since we were up early we breakfasted at IHOP and went directly to the storage unit to fill up the truck. I was so glad that the storage unit had very little heavy stuff because after Friday my body was feeling the burn. Judith, Eric and Ellie the beagle met us at the townhouse and helped us get the HUGE, unreasonably heavy, tall china cabinet into the truck. It took all four of us to get it out of the house, Ellie supervised. It was too tall to go through the front door so we had to get it out the back door which was better since we had more space with the sliding glass door. Still it was heavy and certainly something we did not want to break. Getting inside the new home was loads of fun too. There are several steps to go up to get to the front door and wow, that was so fun. The cabinet made it inside without damage and that was the ultimate task for the day. We moved boxes and junk into the house the rest of the day. We were dirty and hot and tired and hungry by the time 6pm arrived. We all, Ellie too, went out for dinner and enjoyed a nice cool evening outside.

Sunday morning is when I began to understand why smart people hire movers. I had some serious pain. Most every part of my body hurt. Getting up was difficult and getting that Advil down couldn't happen fast enough. Going to church was fine minus the kneeling, ouch! All I wanted to do was lay in bed all day. This is the last day of moving stuff, our last day of having ownership of the townhouse. I remained at home putting away things and ordering the house while Keith went to the old house to clean it for the new owners. Rick and Amy helped out. Rick helped touch up paint and clean and Amy brought over our food from the fridge. We enjoyed a late supper of Chinese take out with them. I was glad the move was over. No. More. Moving. Yay!

Keith and I were very thankful for our friends for their help. We only hope they still are our friends after all that work.


Knitstress Mary said…
Yvonne, I'm so glad that it's all done and you can relax a bit. Did you get your last package???

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