Pea in the nose is like two in the ear

Olivia stuffed a pea up her nose tonight during supper. This caused household panic that left everyone feeling out of sorts.

Keith calls me at work leaving behind 2 frantic unclear messages. For all I knew it sounded like Olivia peed somewhere. Like that's a big deal. Of course when I have frantic messages left by my husband I tend to presume there to be more to the situation. It's really hard to tell how much damage this show is from 30+ miles away. Upon clarification I learned that somehow a pea got stuck up her nose and that she was very upset because it wouldn't come out.

I directed them to go to the clinic and have a professional take a look at the missing pea. Off they went to the clinic. They waited a long while and finally once they were seen by the Doc it was a quick fix. In the doctor's presence Olivia calmed down considerably, she followed instructions and laid down on the table. And lo the wonders of gravity caused the pea to roll its way out of her nasal cavity and onto the floor! So that's how you get a pea out of a kid's nose, tell them to lay down. Ha ha ha. That's a joke, really, I'm not a professional and doubt it was anything but dumb luck. The doctor thinks that since Olivia was waiting a while she, being a fidgety kid, most likely pressed on the pea in her nose and actually helped loosen its position. Relaxing and then laying down on the table only helped it vacate.

There were many stories on how exactly the pea got up there but none of which can be confirmed. Only the cat knows and she ain't talkin'. At least now Olivia knows never ever to stuff anything up her nose. I say she's only following in her mother's footsteps. I think I had several things up my nose as a child. I am told a button, peas and M&Ms. I remember the M&M, that was a slight misjudgment of humor on my part, only made worse by my laugh snort that solidified the M&M up my nose. (I guess I was about 10) Yet the best thing about M&Ms up one's nose is that being chocolate they melt and you're less likely to need to take a trip to the ER. Thanks Mom for being a smart cookie on that one. Whew, that would have been an embarrassing hospital moment.


Helen said…
This reminds me of a story about my uncle John. When he was six, he stuffed a bean up his nose. The family lived out in rural Texas and had to drive an hour and a half to get to a doctor. Then they spent all night waiting to see the doctor, who finally extracted the pea. When they got home, Uncle John reportedly said, "Mommy, when the doctor took the bean out of my nose, why didn't he get the other bean out of my ear?" Apparently my grandmother smacked him hard enough to send the bean in his ear flying across the room. To this day, we sing the following song in his honor:

My momma told me not to put beans in my ears,
Beans in my ears,
Beans in my ears,
My momma told me not to put beans in my ears,
You'll have to talk louder 'cause I've got BEANS IN MY EARS!

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