Do you suffer from S.I.N.?

SIN = Soul In Need

This little statement was the spiritual quote of the day. I have one of those little spiritual calendars and there's a daily reminder of guidance. Most are nice, some are a little odd, and then some are way funny to me.

When I saw this and said it out loud, just by my natural reaction, was to say it with a long loud southern KY drawl. Then I had flashes of Julia Louis-Dreyfus and her character, April May June the televangelist, from SNL getting in a person's face informing them of their horrid ways.

I understand that these daily reminders are NOT supposed to be funny so my guess is that I'll be waiting in a very long line pleading with St. Peter. I better brush up on my negotiating skills now.


Carolyn said…
Don't worry I'll say a little prayer for you.
Anonymous said…
I am so dumb. I just now put this togehter--sin! Wow.

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