At Olivia's house

The house based on Olivia's description is roughly 10,000 square feet large, four floors and has loads of rooms. There is a magic elevator along the same principle as the Wonkavator to take you around. And for some reason there are caged wolves living there.

I can't figure out that one. Really. I have no idea where that feature is coming from. I almost asked about who feeds them but knew, oh did I know, how that would have led to another trip inside her head, and well, I'm not going in there without a buddy and certainly not while I eat supper. I just left it at that: caged wolves in the house. So, it's like decor or something, could be charming. I bet most guests would be comforted in that knowledge.

And you people wonder why I keep a notebooks laying about my house. This, this is why. This girl has Hollywood's next big hit in her 5 year old head.

Olivia continued to expand on this house. Since I was baffled beyond anything I just stared at her like a deer in headlights. Taking all of it in was trippy. I determined that she has some form of family structure at this house, yet all we know for certain is there's a sister. An older sister, she's 16, pretty and drives a pink car. And because the sister can drive she's able to drive around and rescue cats along the roadside. Because the abandoned cats must be saved. Saved!

There was no indication of how the rescued cats are managed. Just rescued. Oh and that Olivia goes on these rescue missions. To places. With her big sister in the pink car.

Her big sister also has formidable magic skills. The hot one is the girl's amazing snapping power. If there's a huge mess in the playroom all her sister does is sing the secret song, snap her fingers and then the mess is cleaned up. "It's wild." as Olivia puts it.

The part about the snapping clean-up came about when Olivia asked me if I wanted to live with her in the house. After she detailed the enormity of the house my head was dizzy. 10,000 square feet of kid house that is my nightmare. I kindly told her no. When she inquired about my reason I mentioned that based on my current daily habits in this house I spend enough time cleaning up after the girls and would not want a larger home to clean. In that wonderful child imagination she instantly created this snapping clean-up feature.

If only life were that simple.


Anonymous said…
So there's a daily influx of road cats coming into this house and no mention of what happens to them?

I think I know how those caged wolves are getting fed.
Yvonne said…
Oh my gosh the light just went on in my head. I am so silly. I should have caught that too!

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