Creatures that will eat you

Baahnas* and Mazzas*

Do you know what these are? If you don't then you should be careful. Once you know what they are then you'll live in fear. These are the most feared creatures known to man, er child.

Apparently these things are deadly and sneaky. Sometimes they fly, swim, burrow, just about anything. As I understand it Baahnas are sort of like piranhas, yet if you ask Olivia if this is true you are in for her biological description of them including a portion about why you are an idiot for thinking so. And. Mazzas sometimes pronounced mat-zahs, fly. Both have sharp teeth to rip your flesh apart and big appetites. Preferring to eat people.

*Okay I'm really trying to spell these like they sound since this is right from Olivia's imagination, and yo, that's a funky place to be from.


Carolyn said…
She hasn't seen the "Poo-Koo's" yet? Only Aunt Lisa knows what they look like.
Librarian Girl said…
Well this proves that I am officially Out of Touch with Today's Youth. Because I've never heard of these. Thank Olivia for educating me.
Yvonne said…
I'll pass on the message to Olivia. Being out of touch daily has been quite interesting for me.

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