Poolside and shrimp

Leah turned 7 this week. Her party was a luau theme as she wanted a Hawaii party. We're trying to bring the best of her ideal of a beach party to our yard. I mean we couldn't just rent a bus and haul everyone to the beach. I found a small wading pool for the water fun. And there were plenty of water guns to use. The limbo bar was of course the main attraction, well, besides the food. We opted to keep the party a free play based party. Mostly because planned games/activities often get lost in the moment. The children prefer playing as they will.

Keith kept the children occupied by trying to bust open the two coconuts I bought. None of the kids were sure about what the coconuts were. So Keith took the opportunity to create himself a little fun. He told the children that coconuts were laid by tropical cows that's why there's milk inside them. It was truly a fantastically funny moment.

The cake was well received and thankfully so. Leah was so excited to see the cake and I hope her wishes went well. She opened her presents and was pleased. I was happy to hear her mutter a few thank yous.

After all that party fun I was exhausted.


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