5 and first tooth

Olivia lost her first tooth Saturday night. The little thing had been loose for about a month. I had been checking it every so often and while I watched her eat macaroni and cheese I remembered to check it again. And oh was it loose. Very ready to come out, with a little help that is. So Olivia took my advice and gave it a little yank and Bam! it came out. A very clean removal, a little bit of blood, but not much. We put a cold towel on it to help clot the hole and she finished eating without pain. She was so excited she could hardly wait to tell Daddy.

The tooth was placed in a baggie and then in her tooth pillow Grandma F'Laker made. Olivia wanted to stay awake to meet the Tooth Fairy but that didn't happen. Thankfully. The Tooth Fairy left behind some money and a little bit of fairy dust which was very exciting. Olivia gave tours of the evidence to the neighborhood children. Everyone put a little bit of the dust on their heads hoping it would still have some magic left to help them fly.

Now she's working on getting the tooth next door out. Already a bit wiggly so it won't be long until the Tooth Fairy comes back to our house.


Librarian Girl said…
Wow, I don't read you for a couple of days and then when I do, you've got camping! First day of school! A tooth coming out! It's just jam-packed excitement with you guys!

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