I cheat on my cat with another.

This sweetie comes to visit us nearly everyday, usually in the morning. She's a nice kitty. At first we were not sure where she lived but have since figured it out. She lives in the house behind us, er, well that's the home claiming her. She's very much an outside cat content in being mildly wild. She's very clean and healthy and fed well.

This kitty loves Leah and Olivia. Every morning she is at the door waiting to see the girls. She'll follow the girls around as they play in the yard. She just rests in the grass watching them. Occasionally they will sit next to her and chat. It's so sweet to watch. One morning, about a month ago, the girls were up very early. After a quick breakfast they sat outside on the stones and colored pictures of the kitty. I think this cat just wants to be around people. She gets lonely and needs some loving. She has found her way inside our house a few times, rather bold of her, since we have a very aggressive kitty inside. Yet she continues to try to get in. Loving. Wants some loving. I've been trying to prevent her desire to come in by spending time petting her outside. So far it's working.

To show us gratitude she killed a baby rabbit and brought it to our door. Olivia was the first to see the prize. As we finished supper she said "What's the kitty eating?" As I looked out the window noticing the furry fuzzy fluff it was devouring I blurted out bunny! before my brain could censor it. Yeah. That was rather shocking to the children. There were many questions pertaining to the whole life and death hunter prey life cycle.
"why did she kill that bunny?"
"why did she kill a baby?"
"why did she eat it?"
"what is the mommy bunny going to do?"
"Is the baby going to be missed?"

That was interesting to discuss. I summed it up as the basic fact that house cat = hunter = tiny tiger and rabbit = prey = supper. They were not sold on that fact. At least it was accepted better than I expected.

Still this cat is good to have around. It obviously likes to kill things, so rodent control is being done. Since Gaea is such a chicken about coming outside I get to enjoy being around a kitty that likes being outdoors with me.


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