Dish Pan Hands

Hey Madge can you soak your hands in it?

I don't know if you would want to but I guess you could. This is my favorite dish soap. I like how it suds up well and the scent, geranium. Something nice about the scent that actually makes me want to wash dishes by hand. And, let me tell you, I hate doing dishes I rather chew off my own arms before doing dishes.

I blame my father. When I was young I usually did the dishes every night. Because as he said "You're bigger and older it is your responsibility." I'd pull up the chair to the sink and have at it. And if I made a mistake, if I didn't clean something perfectly, there would be a punishment. And nothing rational, oh no, not with my father. If I didn't clean a glass to sparkling perfection he would pull every dish, pan, cup, stemware, whatever, all of it, from our cabinets and force me to wash and dry them all. Every single thing would have to be cleaned. I remember washing dishes into the night once. Well past my bedtime I was weary with sleep and eager to be done carefully fulfilling my task for fear of a repeat. When I emerged from the kitchen I was so angry because I discovered that he had fallen asleep in his chair in front of the tv. Then perfection became my forte. So I guess the experience taught me something.

So anyway, this dish soap, it makes me think happy and even I can find simple joy in hand washing dishes.


Carolyn said…
Your father is a jerk!
Librarian Girl said…
We've been using the lavender version of that soap, and it makes me happy when I smell it, even though I am doing something that does not make me happy (dishes).
Judith said…
I think it's amazing that you can find the beauty in dish soap, but then I shouldn't be surprised because you have excellent taste in hand soap.

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