This week I have learned that....

No matter how important your domestic dispute is to you at 9:00 in the morning on the school playground you should not be demonstrating why this sort of thing should remain at home like every other well bread married couple knows and does. Yeah, Mr. Yells-at-my-Wife we ALL heard you "You always have to get your way" as you pointed and gestured at your wife. And, yes, our children were freaked out, man.

Beets are terrible. I don't like them and most likely will never like them. And, yo, this isn't any Green Eggs and Ham thing here, no sir. They are awful to my palate. I roasted some with other vegetables and they were not as yummy as I hoped they would be. Depressing. I can't believe roasted beets were not tasty to me. I think that I would eat them if they were deep fried because pretty much any veggie dipped in beer batter and plunged into a vat of hot oil turns out good. (Okay so lettuce like things would be questionable.) Beets are off my list of veggies to eat.

Spelling is the enemy and home work is depressing. Second grade home work paired with a second grader that must be pushed to do said home work stinks on levels I can't describe. I need to figure out some other system for us both so that we keep sanity around here. Well at least for me there's wine and chocolate.

According to the cereal box I need a diet rich in fiber to keep me satisfied while I lose weight. Fiber and satisfied in the same sentence seems rather funny doesn't it?

Rain, children, puddles and umbrellas are a perfect combination for fun. Go on. Try it.

Homemade pizza baked on a pizza stone, a bottle of wine and some Bob Marley are always a great idea on a Friday night.


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