This week I have learned that......

Blueberry muffins are not to be wasted even when they turn out Cajun because a groggy Mommy forgot to set the oven timer. That's right. And you will choke them down with lots of butter on top or you will tear them to bits just so you can carve out the soft delicious insides all the while letting crumbs sprinkle on the floor.

Fall is coming and leaving behind its bits and pieces all over the house. Don't worry about it. Just tell guests it's all part of your fall decor. Emphasize how you like to decorate authentic like.

Spiders will creep into your home and you will have to kill and or release at least one a day. Blahalah.

If you think that you can clean off the kitchen table once a week and that's enough then you'll be wrong. Because under all that stuff you'll find things that were supposed to be taken care of like a week ago and your daughter's homework folder. And that folder, the one she needs every day, you'll have to run that up to school to save her from the wrath of a ZERO on her record. And you can't have that, nope, no way.

Creepy construction dudes will watch you tie your shoes and look at you like you're Cindy Crawford chugging a Pepsi next to a hot car. Even though you're covered in sweat from your morning run.


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