Needless insanity

The first day of school went well. We all got up early maybe too early. I was surprised by the insanity of the school. Really. It was a nuthouse. Thankfully we live within walking distance, I would have suicidal toughts if I had to drive there every day. The kiss and ride line was so long that traffic both ways on the street was jammed. This school was not designed very well. I hope that is not a sign of the coming daily traffic. We arrived early yet made it just in time as we had to wait in line to get in for 10 minutes. I felt like I was trying to get into some sort of concert. All the parents had to sign in, hand over their license, then push through the people to walk their child to their classroom. The school's two front doors and narrow halls are too small to handle that crowd. Getting in was one thing getting out quite another. I almost ducked into the library to wait out the crowds but decided to face the madness. As I left the line was still about 50 deep! I left the building around 9:15 am with that many still waiting it was going to be a crazy first morning. I suspect that school did not start until after 10am.

I spent the day doing housework. Oooh fun. I did squeeze in some reading and needlepoint. I thought the day would drag on but it went by quickly. Before long I had to go get the girls.

It was pretty hot outside, much more than I expected since the morning was so cool. The pick up chaos was not as profound as the morning. Olivia was very happy to see me greeting me with an energetic hug while Leah strode out of the school like a pro and offered me a "Hi, Mom". They filled me in on their day talking through snack and nearly to supper time. Olivia likes her classroom and her teachers, ditto for Leah. Olivia was heartbroken that the neighbor girl didn't want to play with her on the playground but I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding.

Leah summed up the day by telling me about her thoughts. She told me that she really wanted to swing but they were all full so instead she played tag. Once a swing became available she grabbed it. There she swung high in the air watching the kids around her play taking in her new school. And she told me that "When I was swinging Mom, do you know what I was thinking? I was thinking It feels great to be a second grader, I was thinking that about 50 times until the whistle blew and recess was over."

Yes, indeed. It does feel great.


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