PIE! Berry Pie!

Now that I'm feeling all domestic I made a pie this afternoon. I took myself to the market picked up the fruit washed it dried it; Okay so the the drying part only partially counts as I had to drive back to the market because in my haste to leave I left behind a sack of groceries. That was such a perfect moment. I had nothing else, NOTHING else to do all day and I friggin' forget a whole bag of groceries. They were, fortunately for me, dry goods so yay no spoiling. Still am an idiot.

Once I got back home for good I had to get the girls from school. They began snacking and homeworking as I began the crust making. I didn't allow it to chill, I was in a hurry, yo, and that made for a patchwork like design. Actually it worked itself out alright just wasn't my best aesthetic work. Then again who cares when your husband will eat the whole thing in 2 days.

I tried something different with this pie. Typically I'd use straight white (non-bleached thank you) flour for the crust. And that's good and all, but, well, we eat a LOT of that and I'm really trying hard to get whole grains into this family. And then it occurred to me that I could make whole wheat pie crust. Yeah I thought. Whole wheat, that's good for you. And the fruit it's good for you too, sure there's a little bit of sugar not much so this is like healthier pie. Yeah. Healthier pie. It could be like anytime pie, even breakfast pie. Right!

Oh how that worked out so well. I was actually more pleased with the result of this crust than the typical white flour based crust. It was something hearty about it, a bit more crunch, just better. And the best part it didn't burn like a mother in the oven. Sure this pie took a bit longer to bake but it didn't burn up. Not no where, not no how! See the thing with homemade crust as opposed to the other option is that the homemade crust is much more sensitive to heat and if you carelessly toss it in the oven and cook it like the premade stuff then your pie could become Cajun cuisine.

My dear friends, a burnt pie is a sad, sad, thing. And something you would be beaten for in my house. See, here in my home, pies are like treasure. Tasty treasure.

Happy pie day to you.


Judith said…
This is awesome! Mmm...

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