T-R-A-U-M-A, trauma

Yes. That's exactly what my 7 year old thinks I inflict on her every day after school. Some how I
signed up for this thing called second grade homework, where I sit and wait for my brain to think of a creative ways to make homework completion go better. Because that's what all the perfect Moms do. They think of clever ways to make their children love homework, so much so, that their children beg for more. Okay, sure I'm all for being clever and productive but that requires work and thought, something I'm do not want to blindly throw my time at. And I'm not perfect.

You think Maybe she gets this surge of excitement to see her daughter squirm. Nope. I find this whole process of struggle to be just as big of a nightmare as Leah does. I could be doing something else like dishes or cooking supper instead of getting her to complete her homework. Really it is dreadful. Last night it took her 4 hours to write 8 sentences using her spelling words, one page of math counting, and the 15 minutes of reading she has to do every night. 4 HOURS!

Her strategy is to complain incessantly until I cave. Except I don't. Instead I make her sit and sit (Mommy Dearest) until it is done. And that makes her more upset. Ah-ha! The power of stubbornness and patience is no match to the power of childhood whining. I endured it. Oh was it annoying. She complained and did every thing she could think to distract me and try to get out of this homework. Yet I know her weakness, failure. I discussed with her the result of not doing her homework and not doing it well.


The biggest fear to all first born type A kids. Of course that was mean of me. I'm not sheltering her nor her sister from life. People fail, kids fail, we learn from the mistake and move on. During supper I clearly explained to her the whole concept of accountability and homework. That went well. I think I'm going to go soak my head now.


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