Woodworking weekend

Keith finished these last weekend. Finally our cedar Adirondack chairs are ready to use. There was some involvement on my part. I stained the wood and drilled some holes and helped with routing. The aspects I can't mess up too much. Because I have little interest in this hobby I prefer to help with parts that are easy to do and mistakes are not going to devastate the project. I don't like to make a mess of things in his shop.

We're still working on the closet and will continue through next month. In the meantime we'll be taking breaks on these chairs.


knitting chick said…
I might just have to have him make me some. I wish James was that creative.
Judith said…
Impressive! How does he find the motivation? I can't even get Eric to put together the Adirondack chair we bought earlier this summer. It's still in the box.
Carolyn said…
Love the chairs! Excellent job Keith, oh you too Yvonne. Can't wait to see what's next.

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