Can i get that to go?

Keith took his morning coffee, egg sandwich and lunch bag in his usual morning haste. He was gone about 10 minutes when I get a call.

"Where's my stapler?"

At six in the A.M. that was almost too much for my brain to find funny. I was more confused than humored. Then he told me how he placed the sandwich on the top of the car and jumped in and drove off only to realize miles away that hey, were did that sandwich go?

On the street, duh. He didn't see it fall or any evidence as to where it went. If he didn't eat breakfast in the car every morning he wouldn't have noticed. It would have been funnier if the sandwich had survived a mile only to come tumbling down the windshield as he stopped at the light. Take a moment and imagine that. See? Now isn't that funny?

There's some sort of woodland creature getting very fat from this lost treasure. At least there's Dunkin' Donuts for days like these.

What's with all the fog this morning? It's like a creepy movie out in these parts. I'm waiting for some masked freak to jump out at me any moment now. A masked freak with an egg sandwich in its hands.


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