Contest 2 Coffee Swap 3

1. Coffee review ~ My favorite coffee is something newly discovered. I have been a Starbucks drinker for a while. Mostly due to not have good luck in finding decent coffee in the grocery stores. Of course now that I think about it that is my problem; seeking good coffee in the grocery store. I drink coffee only in the morning now. I used to drink it in the morning before work and then a few times a week I'd have an afternoon pick me up. That was when I worked later hours and the caffeine had time to work its way out of my system before my slumber. About 2 weeks ago I was shopping at Harris Teeter and they had a buy one get one free H.T. Traders Colombian coffee sale. It was their store brand coffee so at first I was a little hesitant but then I remembered that considering the other store brand products I use from them I figured and hoped that the coffee would be ok. I still had plenty of my good 'ol Starbucks so it was a safety decision. And it was actually pretty good. It's a little lighter roast, for me, with a very smooth bold flavor. Not nutty and has slight fruity tones. This is certainly a good coffee for mornings.

2. Yarn review ~ Really anything made by Artyarns is my favorite. I am in love with all they do and if I had an endless supply of money for yarn this is where I'd spend most of my green. I have been working with Artyarns' ultramerino (my all time favorite yarn) in a lace scarf these past 6 months and have fallen for this yarn. This is great yarn and the color selections are wonderful. So soft and lovely to work with as is runs through your fingers, you can't resist the texture. This is highly addictive yarn and you'll always want more. This is wool yarn for people that either can't work with wool or think they don't like to use wool. It will convert you to being a wool fan. I also have some of their silk rhapsody that I used to make myself a skinny scarf. One day I would love to make a pretty shawl with that silk yarn. However these are very expensive products and may prevent me from making much more than a scarf.


Jodi said…
Beautiful scarf! What pattern did you use? Or, if you made it up, are you willing to share?

Happy knitting,
Jodi (a fellow coffee-swapper)

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