For the love of a neighbor's dog

I am smitten with that big brown lab. That big sweet dog. He's so lonely that I have to sneak over to play and pet him daily. What a good dog he is! He's a BIG guy with the belief that he's a wee dog. He has lots of energy so a good game of chase is what he loves. He plays fetch well and is up for a good round of tug war.

He's always so happy to see us. He's still learning to be a good dog, still a pup, so he spends his time outside while his family is away. Otherwise their house would be a wreck. Our driveway is along his yard perimeter allowing him a perfect view of our in and outs. When we come home he comes to the edge of his invisible fence and greets us with a wagging tail and wishes of play. The funny thing is that he LOVES Keith. Every morning he rushes over to try to get a goodbye pet from Keith. And then when Keith is outside woodworking he'll lay as close as he can and watch Keith.

The best part is that we can still enjoy him and do not have to deal with the dog poo in our yard.


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