Hallows Eve

Okay so it's Halloween and my kids are jacked up on sugar and ready to terrorize the neighbors. I, meanwhile, am looking for some beer hidden in the back of the fridge. Someone needs to be relaxed. Sheesh. I really dig Halloween and have forever. We usually have pumpkin stew for supper before heading out to gather candy. So my stew pot is simmering and I can't wait to dig in. I hope I have enough candy for the kids that come. I think I will be very short...I underestimated the amount of children in this neighborhood. I have been so lame with my costumes these past few years, including this one. Next year I have to have something great. Like a cowgirl-clown-astronaut or something odd and strange. Scary is ok, lots of people go that angle I prefer the absurd. This year I'm a "lady" since that costume I bought to be a queen when the girls were princesses is the only one I can find. Perhaps I can convert it to be some sort of serving wench, oooh or a dead one, yes! That could work out. If only I knew where that knotted wig of hair went then that would add an over the top feel.

Righty-o. I've got to dress these jacked up kids, feed them and get ready to roll into the 'hood. We want to score some good candy tonight.


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