This week I have learned that......

There is simple enjoyment in a morning walk. Fascination lies around every bend on your trail. Even that pile of poo can tell you a lot about the previous walker. Just ask Ellie.

A month ago I will put some stamps in a place that will be so obvious to find when I need to send out bills that I will forget where I put them and go nuts trying to find them again. And I will repeat this pattern every month.

Softball sized sweet potatoes, no matter how delicious they are, will be difficult to completely eat.

A visit to the pumpkin farm, rowdy kindergartners, a bus ride and pumpkins will be a fab mix of fun. But only after you've gotten off the bus.

Pink cowgirl boots go with everything.

Cats may be fickle, bizarre and moody creatures but they will keep your lap warm on a cool morning while you read. And that purring you'll hear, yeah that soft sweet purring, it'll make you feel just right.

Some day I'll get that scarf done and mailed off. But just not this week. Dang-it.


knitting chick said…
TAG! your it go to my blog to find out.
Madame said…
Hi Yvonne,
I am here from the coffee swap 3. I love your blog so far. I too am a suburbanite DCer who loves knitting and coffee. I can't wait to read more of your blog.

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