This week I learned that....

Summer will reluctantly release its grasp on the year.

When you are married to a person allergic to dogs the next best solution to appease your dog love needs is to walk, er um, I mean run your neighbor's dog.

A Foosball table, although used every day, will no longer be able to remain in the family room. It will have to go to the basement for good.

Flags blowing in the wind are very dangerous and should be attacked. Or unless they make a really loud snapping noise then you can run away in terror. Scrappy would agree.

I will want to sew on a sewing machine but I will be too stupid to figure out how to use the little machine I have. This will frustrate me. I will return to knitting and try to forget about wanting to sew curtains or mend clothes.

When you are 5 and 7 a pile of rocks some dirt and a few friends are all you need on a sunny fall weekend.

I will finish a scarf for a friend and won't mail it to her for another few weeks. Because I'm that sort of friend, yo.

Pumpkins, particularly ones named Bob, become delicious pies.


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