This week I have learned that....

Making butter is hard especially if you don't have a bonnet.

Cows and corn are fun combinations. Who knew?

Sugar cookies decorated for the fall is one way to hope the fall weather will come.

The whole neighborhood will play in my yard. There will be much fun had there. And all the children will return home filthy head to toe. I will wonder what is in my yard that they are getting so dirty in. Maybe dirt, huh?

Second grade spelling is terrible torture to a 7 year old.

Construction paper, glue sticks, crayons, tape, glitter, colored pencils, scissors, stickers and pens will become a permanent element of your kitchen table.

I will find ways to avoid mopping my floors. I mean, shoot, there's so much other stuff to do around here, he he, yeah, um...sure. Mop? Oh, but those closets need to be cleaned again I swear.


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