Pumpkin bowler

Our neighbor's dog, Scrappy, God love him, is quite a handful at times. He's 10 months old and full of energy and curiosity. So it's almost Halloween right? And most people have pumpkins resting on their doorsteps and porches. And they look good. I love a good pumpkin porch pyramid. Our neighbor has 2 large pumpkins, the ones that will make awesome jack-o-lanterns, yet to carve. She placed them nicely on her steps and added some beautiful mums and wow her porch looked great. Notice the past tense?

Dear Scrappy being his usual self found entertainment in the porch decor. First the mums then the pumpkins. He dragged the mums all over the yard tearing them to bits. Because mums are so aromatic and not very tasty he moved on to the pumpkins. He tried to eat them because they are sooooo appetising. And boy do they taste goooooood. He has managed to take some good chunks out of them. For some reason the bottoms taste the best. Who knew? Then after taking a few nibbles it was time for him to play a game. I call it pumpkin bowling. He uses his nose to push them around the yard. It would so much more fun if his yard was flat. Because a little nudge and a hill is all you need to get those pumpkins rolling down the street. Rolling far and fast enough to take out a few recycling bins. And the fun doesn't stop there. Nope. Because the best part is Scrappy gets to watch while his family hunts for the missing pumpkins. And people say he's not too smart. I dare say he is quite smart.


Carolyn said…
Sounds like something old Buster would do.

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