Seasoned burgers

We had hamburgers for supper last night. Since Keith was in a hurry on his way from the grill he bumped the plate into the doorway and caused quite a scene. The burgers dropped one by one all over the floor. He did manage to salvage a few that landed on his thigh and were dirt free. Now he has meat stained shorts....oooh....that sounds a little dirty. The only thing that was dirty about this was the burgers on the floor.

I stood there at the counter slicing onions watching this whole dance and was perplexed. I wasn't sure why he was in such a hurry. I asked him what he was doing when clearly I could see that he was dropping the burgers all over the floor. Instead of a funny response I got a very irritated "What do you think I'm doing here?!?" as he picked up the rest of the meat off the floor.

So I said "Seasoning the burgers?"


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