Sheets and drivers

When your child gets sick there is no fun to be had around the house. Olivia contracted some sort of stomach flu thing from school and was so sick the last week. At first I figured that she ate something that didn't agree with her but I found out that half her class was ill with the same sort of icky barfy fevery thing. I ran out of sheets Wednesday night. I freakin' ran out of sheets people. I can't believe that. Still can't believe that. Thankfully no one else became ill and the bug stayed with Olivia. I became the No-One-Will-Share-Food/Drink-With-Anyone police. With all that excitement Wednesday night I didn't want to have a repeat or additional participants.

Olivia started returning all of her food orally beginning at 9pm and kept at it every hour until 3:30 a.m. She didn't sleep, I didn't sleep. I did get lots of laundry done though. After the 1am excitement I figured that she'd go another time before really be through the rough zone. I made my way downstairs and began laundry. There was so much by that point I needed to catch up and keep up. So me and the cat sat and waited for the next performance and rushed to her aid as the clean up crew. Finally I was able to go to bed about 3:30am and got about 4 hours of sleep.

By the way I'd like to make a complaint here. I walk my children to school every day. We live less than a football field away from the school and that has been great. Except for the crazed parents driving their children to school. Not one person is nice or really paying attention to anything other than getting their dear child to school on time. Even if it means running over a mother and her daughters one of which was so ill she was in a haze. The woman that nearly ran us over was on the cell phone yelling or talking wildly you pick, and frantically trying to turn left into the school. She glanced at us and continued to carry on. It was raining out I had on my bright pink rain slicker, Leah her bright red one and Olivia had on her white striped one (clearly brightly dressed) and we were on the curb for a long time so I figured we waited long enough and began to take a step when that woman started to go! My toes were half an inch from her front tire. Thankfully I was strong enough to manhandle my children back out of the way. This was not the first time this has happened but it was the closest we had to getting seriously hit. As we passed in front of her car she rolls down her window and says "Oh! Sorry! I'm so sorry!" she pauses and then snottily says "You know you should really make contact with the driver before crossing."

Make. Contact. With. The. Driver.

If Olivia had not been so ill requiring me to hold her I would have made contact with that driver alright. I was mad and thankfully said nothing to her. Anything coming out of my mouth would not have been G let alone PG. She looked right at us as well as all 2 other drivers, one trying to turn left out of school, another turning right into school and they all were waiting for us to cross. It was that woman who thought "Gee, looks like everyone is giving me the right of way now is my chance to go."

This school has no crossing guards and this is evidently seriously dangerous. That's funny because this school is right in the middle of a development and shoot with all these houses surrounding the school who would think people would actually walk their kids to school? Really. Why would people living across the street from the school want to walk their kids when they can drive them? Is it because even if I were stupid enough to waste gas to drive my children the 800 feet to school there is no freakin' way I'd be able to get across the street and queue up in the mile long line that goes out of the development? Could be.

I'll be writing a letter to pass around to the big dogs of the school system knowing that there will be no action. I am fully expecting the response to my letter to place blame on non-drivers (me) and/or lack of money (taxpayers) for reasons why the problem will not be fixed. I'm sending it once a month until there is some resolution. And I'll even send one to the builder just to make sure the school system won't blame them to get out of addressing the problem. That way when a person is hurt and the county investigates the accident (that at this rate will happen somewhere) and oh, wait a minute, there seems to be a letter, rather letters, from one family indicating that there is a serious traffic problem with this school and they didn't act upon it? Hmm. That can't be good.

Yeah. You'll be so hosed elementary school X.


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