Contest 3: Dare to try a new coffee

I've been trying to be a better coffee drinker. I'm branching out a bit and giving other brands a go. Last week I found a new coffee to try. It's Newman's Own French Roast. It's an organic line of coffee provided by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters . I liked this coffee. I think it would be a good addition to my coffee bar and might just replace my usual Starbucks coffee. I think their breakfast blend is next on my list to try.

My favorite knitting project is lace scarves. Odd. I really have to think when I work on lace otherwise it ends up bad. So no TV and very little conversation. I love the challenge of a good lace scarf. Scarves are a good sized project to try out a new lace pattern on without a whole lot of commitment such as a shawl would require. At this point I make hardly anything for myself mostly for others. I have tons of yarn for my own scarf just need to get on some point.

My favorite type of yarn to use for the lace scarf is Artyarns ultra merino. It's just a little bit more than lace weight and durable enough to be an every day wearable scarf. And what's the point of a great lace scarf if you won't wear it for fear of it getting ruined?


Carolyn said…
I am really hooked on the Starbucks Breakfast Blend. Mmm Mmm good way to start the day.It's not too strong but not too weak. I can hardly drink Foldgers or Maxwell House anymore. Most of the time Kroger,Target,or Meijer has it for $6.89 a bag. That's when I stock up.

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