A dinner

Thanksgiving was great. We ate very well in the F'Laker house. Plenty of food to go around and around. Surprisingly the weather was perfect. A warm sunny day. This left the children playing outside and kept the house clear of distractions while I cooked the meal. I maintained the standard traditional menu with some modifications. Everything turned out well and the plates were nearly licked clean. Okay so I wanted to lick my plate but used my manners and refrained.

I roasted a 14# turkey in one of those bag things. Never have I done that before and was it a great idea. There was no need to baste which left me more mental time to finish other tasks. Since the worry of basting was gone I actually had time to sit and relax a bit. I made a standard stuffing with chopped cranberries. I used a salt herb rub on the turkey as well as a seasoned oil. That made a very good combination which yielded a fabulous gravy. I mashed potatoes and even used the ricer! Yes a ricer can you believe it? There were roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed green beans, fresh salads, pies, rolls and crudites. And the cranberry sauce. I had the canned gel stuff in the pantry but didn't need it. I used the leftover cranberries to make my own simple sauce that really was so much better than anything I've had before. Even Leah ate it with glee. She was the one that requested cranberry sauce. For her that's what makes Thanksgiving supper special. Although eating was all we cared about there was water, beer and a bottle of 2003 Naked Mountain Chardonnay wine to complement the meal.

With all that busy work I forgot to get some pictures of the table and food. It looked great so use your imagination and be very generous.


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