My new favorite program is The Clean House. I. Am. A. Dork. I love that show. Perhaps because it its SO funny to see those houses crammed full of junk and the owners desperately clinging onto their stuff. I am amazed how the designers can convert those houses into something decent. Seriously the condition of many of the homes before really does make me wonder. Yeah, so I love this program and will watch it for hours if left alone long enough. Thankfully I have little time to waste.

Coolness has crept a little further down south and fall is really starting to feel good. Scarves are going to need to be brought out and some hats are hiding in that winter box in storage somewhere. Even the cat has taken to sleeping in the bed with us instead of the floor. When she squeezes between us that is the real onset of fall. I'm not complaining. She offers extra warm snuggles and a happy purring morning greeting. This morning she didn't get up with us. She stayed in bed until after the girls woke. It was a bit chilly. I too wanted to snuggle up in bed a little while longer.

I have been have some major knitting issues. I have several projects going on...again and none are getting done. There are many new things I want to make but can't. The needles I need are in mid-project so I guess there's some knitting to be done around here. Every year I get all these ideas about making things for people but time is taken away and soon Christmas will be here and I'll still have 5 unfinished projects.

Now I have some Thanksgiving things to think about. I have so many ideas. Now if I had the time. This is where I have to say NO to the inner Martha. She's bad. Bad I tell you. And YES to the regular girl in me. We'll see who wins.


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