Return of the other family

Over a supper of roast beef, mashed potatoes, peas and applesauce Olivia begins to tell us about her other family. It has been a long time since we've been graced with an update I have assumed that she forgot all about them. That you know would be tragic; imagine how they'd feel being abandoned in her imagination.

As she moves food around on her plate voicing how she isn't fond of mashed potatoes she begins to tell how her brother likes to put mashed potatoes into his milk and drink them that way. What he cannot finish will be fed to the dog. This made her laugh and Leah followed.

I asked her what kind of dog she has at the other house. Because previously there were wolves in the basement and I was curious as to what sort of creature lived in that home. She looks at me with wide eyes like I should have known this and says "It's pink with green spots."

Yes. Of course. I should have known this dog had to be pink.

She continues talking about the family by telling me the brother "was a Mommy for Halloween. I was a skeleton, Mom was a vampire, my sister was a witch and Dad was..." by this point she became distracted and I never found out what the Daddy dressed up as. What a shame there seemed to be an odd theme there.

The girls began to quiet and eat their food when Olivia began the next topic. She asks "How do you make people?" I was not sure where this was going considering the previous topic. I needed to narrow this down before I fell into a hole or something. I asked what she meant by that. She replied "How do you make people that walk like us? For real."

Okaaay. Interesting question. Before I could say anything Leah offered her answer of "You need to ask God because he decides." and before long the topic was lost in the giggles of little girls. Whew. They played a few rounds of guess which hand the pea is in until they were finished eating and there were no more peas to hide.


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