Advent begins

It is looking like Christmas around here. The first indication was this Advent calendar. How perfect is this for a family that is fond of Legos? My husband talks about how he always wanted a Lego Christmas. He dreams of nothing but Legos under the tree. Before he can go too far into his dreamy world I remind him that we have girls not boys and that sort of a Christmas is far far away. If you have daughters there somehow has to be something pretty involved with the holiday.
So far the girls have taken turns popping open the squares to find the surprise. We have a city worker guy and a fire hydrant thing. I can't tell what it is but it looks cool. Very clever those Lego people are at creating these little things. The rest of our day was spent inside out of the cold cold windy rain. The basement was our hangout. The football was on and Star Wars Legos all over the floor. There was a big attempt to put together some things and play with them except that when you have a tub filled with Legos it is super hard to figure out how they come back together into the spaceship. After a few hours the excitement wore off and the Legos found their way back into the tub. I think this will be a few week process. Something to look forward to next weekend. The girls love to play Legos with Daddy.

I spent some time working on a needlepoint project for gifts. It's coming along quite well. I have three in total to complete and hope to have it done by this week, next at the latest, so as to ensure proper time for mailing. In between the needlepoint I am working on an apron for Olivia. Anything to add to the dress-up trunk is always a hit. For some reason an apron just seemed like the one thing they haven't got. I have ideas of pink and purple stripes. These are girls here and white and plain are not something they desire. Bright colors and fun patterns that's what makes a good dress-up piece.


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