Coffee Swap 3 package

Oh my! That's what I said when I opened up my package. I was treated very well by Jan. She wrapped up everything in pretty tissue paper and ribbons. It made the package that much more special. Hmmm. Why didn't I take a picture then, huh? I was too excited! There was so many wonderful things in that box I really didn't think the box had a bottom. She picked out some delicious flavored coffee, Bourbon Pecan Torte, and my good 'ol standby Starbucks Caffe Verona. A box of truffles that I relished. I had major issues keeping control over that little box of chocolates. Who can resist handmade chocolate truffles? The box of cookies were so good and HUGE. They lasted a long while and were a great treat to enjoy. She even tucked a little coffee notebook in there. I love notebooks and boy did this come at a great time I was in need of one! The green travel mug is just the thing I had been wanting. It was filled with chocolate bars! Also good! I've already been using the mug. I love its big size. Now I don't have to cram in the coffee and worry about spills. This mug can take the perfect amount of coffee for me and now my clothing will be spared! The yarn was the exact perfect color. Red. I love red and the Art Yarns ultra merino. I am in bliss with this package. Thanks for a great swap Jan you're a great swap buddy!
*This package arrived early but due to my lost usb wire for my camera this picture was held hostage until I found the memory card reader this past weekend.*


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