Cookies and wrapping paper

We had a very good day indeed. Tiring. Fun. Filling. Good.

Of course our day began with mass. That is a requirement. I volunteered to hand out Candy Canes after the 8am mass so we were locked in to the early wake up. Every year we have to wake up the girls. We always go to the 8am mass so that might have something to do with their sleepy heads.

After church there was a wonderful breakfast of eggs Benedict and mimosas for the adults. We tortured the girls by making them wait until breakfast was over AND cleaned up. We are horrible I tell you. They survived. We began opening gifts at 10:30am and lasted until 3:00pm. Whew! Sure we drag it out as long as we can. One person at a time opens up gifts and that can take a long time. The girls took breaks to play with things here and there which factored into the length of the day. I needed a nap before I began supper.

Cookies were of plenty. Who needs anything else when you have a platter of cookies to nibble on all day? Actually that's all we ate. That can't be good for us. We had so many good surprises today that it was enjoyable to rest on the sofa and watch the fun. Lots of excitement for all. The girls really were a joy to watch. It was a very good day.

Hope yours was wonderful too!


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