Donuts with Daddy

Keith went to the school earlier this morning to enjoy the annual donuts and coffee with Dads. He returned an hour later and had some insight to share.

"You know as a species fathers are generally clueless."

I asked why he would say that. He began to recount the events at the cafeteria. There was a point of confusion, major confusion. Some Dads went into the cafeteria with their kids and took off. Those kids were running around jacked up on donuts and juice. Because it became apparent that this was a trend announcements were made reminding the Fathers that they must stay with their children in the cafeteria until school began. I found that to be funny. Putting that announcement disclaimer as a way to remind the Fathers that having this event was not so that they could drop off the kids at school an hour early and hope to split. But the announcement was too late because by the time 9am came so many kids were roaming the halls and making a bunch of noise it was almost out of control. It was just one big mess. Another reason why when PTAs plan these great parent student events and fail to provide detailed information, or in this case information at all, the end result is chaos. Sweet donut chaos.


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