Fancy tree forbidden tree

Behold. My surprise tree! It is also known as the fancy tree. This tree should not be here. It is not wholly welcome in this house. You see the tradition here is that we do not get a Christmas tree until it snows. Then we go to the forest chop it down drag it home and decorate it with pretty things. However, we live in the south and have for some time now and well, it just doesn't snow here like it does in the western mountains of Colorado. We'd be lucky to get a snow storm in any year here. For the past few years we've waited and waited and waited some more with no luck. So you are thinking "If it doesn't snow then what? No tree?" not exactly. If it hasn't snowed by December 20th then we'll go to the tree lot (usually at the church) and pick one out.

We are celebrating Christmas in our new larger home which means to me that there is finally room to have two trees. I have always wanted to have a pretty fancy tree. A Martha worthy tree. One that is themed and all silver and blue. I expressed my desire to have an artificial tree only to be questioned by my dear outdoorsy husband. Having an artificial tree is something he is firmly against. That's how strong his tradition is. I like the idea of having two trees or more. One being the official handmade by kids ornaments-family-Santa leaves presents under tree and another one that's the glass ornament tree. And think about it. Does it feel like Christmas in a house that is decorated all over in the seasonal pretties but lacks the all important tree? I like the sight of a tree its soft lights warming the room and the shiny things that dangle about. The tree is what makes me feel that the Christmas season is here.

Interestingly this area received its first snow of the year last Wednesday afternoon. There was luck after all. I am still glad to have this tree. It's a break through!


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