The waffle iron committed suicide last weekend. It jumped off the counter and smashed itself to bits. I witnessed this as I came into the house from the backyard. As I opened the door I watched as the waffle iron tumbled to its death.

My dear husband insists that I gave it a push.

I deny all claims of involvement.

Why would I want to murder a waffle iron? Who can hate waffles?

Another broken waffle maker. We are forever bound to never have waffles in this house. Funny thing is that this is the third waffle iron in 7 years. Our first one (a wedding gift from a friend) we used it almost every week for four years before it just quit working. It was well worn and I was sad to see it go. Then we found another waffle maker a few months later. It wasn't a Belgian but it worked fine for our needs. That one quit less than a year later. By that point we had moved on to the pancake Saturdays and hadn't really needed a waffle iron. Although we had always been looking around for one that we liked. We wanted a decent yet not too expensive Belgian waffle iron. That was a big task I say. Sure there were plenty out there, but not the right one, and certainly not for the right price. Finally earlier this month we located one at Kohl's. Oh how we were happy to enjoy waffles again. We ate those glorious yummy waffles and had dreams of many waffle Saturdays to come until last weekend that is. We must have a waffle curse or something. Anyhow, I suppose we'll look again and maybe next time we can make that waffle iron happy.

I repeat, I deny all claims of involvement with the waffle iron's suicide.


Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry for your loss.

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