2 Wheels

This all started on Saturday. The girl up the street took off her training wheels and mastered the two-wheeler. Apparently Leah was given some lessons by her friend and even tried it herself. Of course we had no idea. When she asked over brunch to have her wheels taken off Keith was very excited. He had such plans for their bonding. They went outside and began removing the training wheels. Soon he discovered that her rear wheel had a hole and could not be repaired. They went to the store bought a new tube and a kickstand. The wheel was fixed and kickstand installed then came the big moment. She put on her helmet got on the bike and went down the road without a wreck. Perfectly ridden. Like a two-wheeler pro. Keith was upset. This was going to be his Father and daughter moment. He had the talk all ready and was prepared for the failure, the crashes, the injuries. Nope. Nothing. Not even a small wipe out. Not going to happen.

To pacify Keith's need we had to get some staged pictures so that he can feel better about the situation. Funny because the whole time we were taking the pictures Leah kept saying "Dad! Dad get off I can do it all by myself!"

Indeed she can.


Anonymous said…
I sure hope Keith is with her when she learns to drive a car.

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