January is HOT!

It may be cold outside but did you know that January is HOT?! Oh yeah it is very hot. It's National Hot Tea month and National Soup month. (That would explain all those soup coupons in the paper.) How are you going to celebrate all this hotness?

At first I thought that I could try a new tea every week but I'm not sure that is the best thing for me to do since I have this thing of not really liking tea a whole heck of a lot. Then I thought nope I'm gonna do it anyway. I'm not wimping out. Tea is good for me and I should give it a go. And that's what I'm going to do.

In addition I plan to do something really wild: make homemade soup once a week during the entire month. People you just don't understand the level of insanity with that statement. You see every time I tell my husband I'm making soup he says "Oh, alright. What kind of refugee am I going to be this time?" That is his jab at my inability to keep quantities reasonable. I'm afraid that won't change. I began my soup making in college when I was living with my friend. She and I were generally always cooking and our friends always seemed to happen by during supper time. I wonder why is that? Anyhow so we learned to make lots of food on the cheap and soup is as cheap as it gets. Later we learned to charge those friends for their appearances. Now that I remember that was the beginning of our Friday night supper club. Something I should post about later and I should start that up again. Back on topic. So I'll begin to post once a week about the tea I tried and the soup I make. I'll even post the recipe so that you can play at home.

Not into making soup from nothing? Need a jump start? Try buying some from the Women's Bean Project. It's a Denver based non-profit that helps women turn their lives around and become strong, self sufficient, and skilled women. Their mission: "To teach, through employment in on site businesses, workplace competencies for entry-level positions to women who come from backgrounds of chronic unemployment or poverty." Besides all the good they do their products are fantastic. I have purchased my fair share and can tell you from experience that they make tasty soup kits. And now they carry other delicious goods like salsa mixes, spice rubs and coffee.

Now let's have a hot January everyone!


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