This week I have learned that....

Going to Ikea to search for a desk for my daughter to learn that everyone else is there doing the same thing and the one desk we like will be out of stock and I'll want to pull out my hair because we drove around all afternoon looking for a desk and the one we want, the one we had in our minds, is out of stock at Ikea, all that will make that $1.00 cinnamon roll taste so much better. Make that two please.

Mashed potatoes are a great snack for little kids.

Every woman should have a stand mixer. EVERY woman. Hear that husbands?

By reading the White Trash Cooking book I now know what a cooter is and now understand the humor in Cooter's name. And by the way I ain't cookin' no damn cooter in this here house, ya hear? No opossum neither, cuz we're uh, what you call, high class folks. Where did I put my PBR again?

I love these snacks and haven't had them in ages. I'll eat too many.

A half eaten frozen sub, a deer carcass and manure are all excellent things to eat and make for a particularly interesting morning walk with this guy.

When you're over 30 and slip and fall down icy steps you will get your ass kicked. Because you are not as young as you think and your body will remind you of that as you cringe in pain.


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