Tax jerko

Tax refund oh boy! Oh no! I feel....weird....somehow I'm being overtaken by a funny urge to spend some money on crap I do not need. How do I stop this funny feeling? Right! I need a Wal-Mart. Please show me how to get to the nearest Wal-Mart. Hurry or my head will explode and the money might end up in a savings account or something practical.

Tax refund my a@@! Great. Where it will be fine and dandy to get some $$$ back (we all love $$) it only is going to hose us next year. That's exactly what I want. Way to go Prez Bush. What a way to exit the administration by screwing us ahead of time for 2009.

2009 tax season is gonna rock!


Judith said…
Seriously! It should come with a caveat to buy locally made or Made in the USA goods.
Anonymous said…
If I get a tax rebate,I'll probably use it to fill the gas tank in my car. Since I'm retired now they'll say I'm not eligible.I'm not getting my hopes up.

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