Big food bulk price

I went into the Costco for the first time alone. Without a friend or relative or for the need to buy food for 11 people. (Like we did in Mexico) I went in to get some things for my family of 4 to eat. And well cat litter, we won't eat that.

Shopping in Costco is weird. Did you know that people go there every week for their family's groceries? That is unbelievable unless of course you have 6 kids I can't see any reason to go every week. And that hardly any person can walk out of that store with less than $150.00 worth of stuff. I think that being there is weird. I noticed people going in, buying their groceries, and then eating lunch there. What the? Eating there? For a burger and a hot dog? And maybe some fried chicken or other fried meat? I'm not saying that there isn't a deal to be had there. I bought a LCD there so I have little room to talk. However just in my limited time inside I noticed several things disturbing me.

1. Fast food. They put it there to encourage you to spend more time in there. The longer you sit and poison your body with that awful food you are thinking about buying that 50# box of Miracle Whip or some other stupid thing you don't need.

2. Not everything is a deal/good price. I noticed several signs for men's button down fitted shirts for $16.99, $17.99 and $18.99. None of which were something extraordinary. Shoot I can get a better deal at Kohl's and better quality. Most of the clothing was overpriced for its poor quality. And trust me. A lifetime of paying for your own clothing, having a seamstress grandmother, and a frugal family makes me nothing short of an expert in that department.

3. Set up design is like every store made to get you to blow more money. If you fall victim to the display and design then you will buy $100 worth of stuff you do not need. Who needs a 3 pack of iPod cases?

So I kinda didn't like it. I picked out my things: granola bars, fruit snacks, oatmeal, flat of croissants, Ritz crackers, V8 (48 pack of 5.5 oz cans), fruit cups, 2 loaves of whole wheat Pepperidge Farm bread, 1 gallon milk, 12 8oz Stoneyfield drinkable yogurt and 40# of kitty litter. I spent $106.05 on all that. Considering that the milk, bread, yogurt will be gone in a week the rest will last at least a month, and the oatmeal likely the next 2. I just can't bring myself to spend more than I did in that place. As I stood in line others inspected my cart. They noticed my limited purchases. My cart was hardly full. Those around me had filled every inch of their cart with groceries. Fruit, meat, junk food mostly, soda and random clothing or other things from the center isles. I hope that these people around me were there doing their once a month shopping. Yet considering the cashiers' greetings it appeared that many came weekly.

I was glad to race out of there getting away from all the bulk food.


Anonymous said…
I love Costco! I'll often go there to get dinner for the night from their deli section--I just pop it in the oven and then we have dinner and lunch for the next day in the leftovers section. It's also the best place to get toilet paper and paper towels. And if I ever need to get flowers, they really have the best quality for the price. The key to doing Costco is discipline--you only get what you came in for.
Another thing I really like about Costco is the culture--they are extremely good to their employees. They pay very well and promote from within. I never feel guilty when I shop there.
Anonymous said…
God, I sound like some kind of Costco promoter. Sorry. But for a girl who HATES the big box stores, Costco is the one place I feel good about going to.
Sydney said…
Oh man I totally know what you mean about looking at other people's carts! I know I'm not the healthiest or fittest person alive (HA!), but it is the most depressing thing ever to see morbidly obese families with carts loaded beyond capacity with junk food, high-fat prepared foods and cakes, full-sugar soda and then a mega-sized bottle of diet pills. I want to go shake the parents and yell, "The only thing you're buying in bulk here is heart disease and diabetes! It's a miracle you don't stroke out this very minute!" And then I feel guilty, because I'm probably buying a tub of enchilada and I've been known to complain about the narrowness of airplane seats vis-a-vis my butt. And then the Fattingtons go purchase 19g of fat polish sausage dogs and who-knows-how-awful-for-you chirros for the whole family and I fell okay being judgmental again. Maybe Costco should implement my McDonald's BMI plan...

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