Drunken Dunkin

I am not a drunk. Sure I have a fully stocked liquor cabinet, full of spirits I won't drink and some I will. Don't worry about the children. Right now their father chases them around as the beer monster making them rather afraid of beer. By the time my girls understand what alcohol is and its draw to coolness the cabinet will likely be drained. Okay. Maybe not entirely-there are just some spirits one should always have on hand: tequila, vodka, brandy, triple sec these are wonderful to cook with so I will invest in a locking cabinet soon and booby traps for preventive precautions. I suppose I like the nostalgia of a liquor cabinet. Of women in high up-dos sashaying around with trays of tasty mixed drinks and men with highball glasses filled with drinks they slosh around. And some people like me may just like to say "on the rocks" or "with a little leemoon twist" to bring on a laugh. I like to entertain. Now that I have the space the opportunity to have gatherings with more than 2 guests beckons. I really need to get some grown-ups only evening together. But first I'll start with getting my hair done.


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