Facial Care for Moms

Leah rushed upstairs to tell me all about this new product for my face. By the way she was calling my name I thought this was very urgent, like Olivia's arm was severed and she might be laying about in a pool of her own blood, it wasn't. Leah was just very excited to tell me all about the new product she saw on tv.

"It's really great Mom! It will make your skin so clean and soft!" She went into great detail to explain it as best she could considering she had no idea why you would want to use some little "scrubber thing" on your face.

I thanked her for the information and she went on her way.

It's so cute how they see things on tv and like to tell us all about them like they're news reporters breaking a huge story. I have plenty of more moments like this to come.


Carolyn said…
Wait until she finds out that most of the stuff advertised doesn't work like how they show it on TV.

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