Hair hell

I can't believe that I was so stupid and did something ridiculous and got a haircut today. What was I thinking? I went and did this because it has been months since my last cut and now blow drying my hair has become a bit more involved. I thought I'll just go and get it cut and then I'll be back to the easy drying. Didn't happen. I went into the stylist with great even shoulder length hair and came out looking like a middle aged woman trying to look young again. Except I did the reverse. I look older than I am. This haircut does not look very good on me. Maybe some other women can look fab but this, this makes me look older, I think it's awful.

The husband said "You look like that crazy mom on that Fox show a few years ago. What was that show? You know the one with all the kids."

Yep. I know that one. I have the Malcom in the Middle mom haircut.

He said "Yeah that's it. You sure did get some kind of a hack job alright."

That's exactly what I thought. A hack job. It clearly looks like I got a bad cut. I style my hair like this and have for about a year or so. It works well with my face and is reasonable to manage. And yet it is very diverse in what I can do with it, such as have a pony tail. Currently I have nothing to pull back and am a little, actually very displeased. Tomorrow I'll wash and dry it and attempt to work some magic before I get too upset. If it's too awful then I'll just get a bob and let it grow back slowly. I'd rather have all single length hair than a hacked up layer job.


Carolyn said…
Now I'm curious as to what your haircut looks like. I dare you to post a picture of yourself. lol
Mo said…
I'm dealing with a hair grow-out as well. I've had an asymmetrical bob for years and my hairdresser and I decided to try something a bit shorter with longish bangs. Looked great for maybe a week. Now it's awful and I just want my nice bob back. Hope you can get to a style you like soon.
Judith said…
Oh dear. You can always act like it is the new style. Then you can feel better when you see other MIMs around town.
Librarian Girl said…
Bad layers are the worst!!! I am so sorry that happened.

Dang haircutter person.
Unknown said…
Oh man, bad haircuts are the worst! Sometimes, though, when I thought I didn't like the cut, it turned out that I just didn't like how the hairdresser styled it... So here's hoping when you wash it, it'll be better!! :)
Yvonne said…
Thanks for the support everyone. I'm glad to know there are other hip gals out there that understand this type of situation.

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